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June 12, 2023

Membership management software

We understand that a new season often means high-stress levels for grassroots football club secretaries. What if we told you that registering players for the new season could be stress-free and fully managed with our awesome club management solution?

Managing the registration process for a football club is a big responsibility for club secretaries across the UK & Ireland. Whether your process is paper forms or keeping a spreadsheet we’re here to tell you that there’s an easier way! TeamFeePay’s club management solution comes with a host of features that help to reduce the day-to-day administration faced by secretaries and other club officials and most importantly it comes with an easy online player registration tool that enables players, parents and guardians to register online in minutes, connect to their team’s payment plan and review and accept any club policies in one clean swoop!

If the below sounds familiar at your club, get in touch and we can help you!

Preparing members for the new season

It’s coming up to the new season and you’re working frantically to get in touch with all members to get them engaged. This often means trawling through endless spreadsheets to collect contact information and then manually texting or emailing to roll out plans for the new season to advise on registration and membership fees to be paid. Sound familiar?

young football players
Collecting fees

More often this responsibility rolls on to coaches who will take money at the sidelines as players come to training.  Coaches feeling unprepared often find it hard to remember who has given them money and who hasn’t. Not ideal when the club treasurer is trying to work out who still has to pay!

Tracking payments

Well hopefully, you’ve made it to this step and well done! Now over to the club secretary to work out who has paid and who hasn’t. This can be the tricky part if no proper process has been put in place for seamless tracking. Stop! TeamFeePay have the solution! 

In three simple steps you can enjoy a stress-free membership registration and payment collection process:

  1. Sign with TeamFeePay and enjoy a full setup of your account and payment plans
  2. Invite members to register via a bespoke link to create their player profile, join their payment plan and add a valid payment method
  3. Track progress with instant reporting and full visibility

football club secretary using TeamFeePay football club management software

Bonus features that can help generate additional income

Easy player registrations are just one of the many features you can enjoy when you sign up with TeamFeePay. Our online football club management system also provides automated payment collections, a fully integrated club shop, camp bookings, club development support and a fully account-managed service. We even offer a fundraising service that’s revolutionising how football clubs can fundraise digitally.

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