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June 12, 2023

Increase your football club income with a club lotto

Club admins are discovering that the old offline methods of running club fundraisers can be very inefficient. Collecting cash, using paper sponsorship forms, and fundraising events all came with risks and in some instances just became unsafe. TeamFeePay club management software is perfect for grassroots football clubs in offering online sponsorship and cashless payment collections. We even went one step further to consider how football clubs could continue to do much-needed fundraising activities safer and easier – we built a bespoke football club fundraising subscription service!
What’s including in our fundraising service?
  • – A club fundraising platform
  • – Marketing support
  • – Club, team & player-level fundraisers
  • – Automated reporting
  • – Instant payments
  • – A suite of digital football fundraising games
We developed a digital fundraising platform to enable fundraising at a club, team and player level with access to a suite of digital football-themed fundraisers including our MATCHBALL lotto and combined this with promotional marketing support and ongoing account management to support our clubs.  This opened up the ability for clubs to fundraise all year round without having to plan and manage in-person events and chase sponsorship forms and money. Each fundraiser has a bespoke digital link These can be shared with club members but also across socials and with friends and family. Donors can participate easily online from the comfort of their homes and money is collected instantly at the time of entry. A game-changer for clubs in making life easier when it comes to fundraising! football club fundraiser TeamFeePay has a UK gambling license We’re delighted to advise that we’re fully licensed by the UK gambling commission which means clubs can run our MATCHBALL lotto and other fundraisers legally and compliantly for all their members and donors. Digital Club lotto benefits for your club:
  • – We provide full setup support to get you up and running
  • – Draws run weekly and winners are drawn and notified automatically
  • – Share easily through WhatsApp or social via the TeamFeePay platform
  • – Get access to promotional materials to help you promote with your members and donors
  • – Money from entries is deposited directly into your club’s bank account
  • – Weekly lotto draws generate a reliable and regular income stream for your football clubfootball fundraising gamesDigital Club lotto benefits for members
    • – The opportunity to easily support your club from as little as £1 per line per week
    • – Play from the comfort of your home and even share your club’s lotto with friends and family
    • – An automatic re-buy function that means you can play for a number of weeks without the hassle of entering weekly
    • – The opportunity to win some fantastic prizesCurrent member clubs or new clubs can simply email us to get set up: support@teamfeepay.comMATCHBALL club lotto is available to member clubs on our annual fundraising service or to new clubs who sign up for our annual fundraising service.