What is TeamFeePay?

TeamFeePay is an online payment platform, designed with Clubs, schools and groups at its core. TeamFeePay seeks to make the collections and payments for subscriptions, monthly donations, annual fee’s, trips and equipment

In an age where robust financial management and financial good governance are essential components for the leisure decision making process for parents and individuals alike, TeamFeePay seeks to make payments and fundraising easy for Clubs, their administrators and members alike.

How does it work?

TeamFeePay is a member platform. When your Club / society / school / group decides to make the sensible decision to make payments automated and less administrative, we will create your own TeamFeePay page. This will give your members the comfort that it is the familiar brand they are associated with that will be dealing with their payments and payment information.

We will work with your Club / society to identify the membership and will discuss your requirements for building what will become your management reports on a weekly / monthly basis. For instance in the case of sports Clubs, this may mean separating membership by year groups, coach or leagues.

When we have established the information we collect, all the members will be invited to become members of your very own TeamFeePay page. Upon acceptance, they will be asked to confirm the payment amount appropriate to them by connecting a payment card to the account.

The payment processing will be managed by our partner, STRIPE, one of the leading organisations in the world for payment collections. The payment information will be shared with STRIPE only and neither TeamFeePay administrators nor the Club administrator will be able to access this information.

The administrator will be able to identify accepted invitations as well as those who have or may have not connected their payment card. Once this early engagement period is complete, the process looks after itself on the date with collections for the amount, as directed by the Club in the consultation period.