What are the benefits of TeamFeePay?

For us the benefits are boundless, and the potential for the utility of the platform, are also. See below for a brief selection!

Benefits for Club / Society Benefits for Users / Members
Direct funds payment to designated bank account on designated date. Clearly defined date for payment for Club membership allows for financial planning
Removes responsibility and risk of coaches / leaders / volunteers in managing finance No penalties from Bank for making standing order payments to Club, or worse, for missed payments!
Allows Coaches to Coach and more effective administration throughout Clear access to the membership portal allows member to see how many payments they have committed to
Removes the hassle and endless hours of reconciliation for cash payments / standing orders etc TeamFeePay can be used for multiple memberships, not just for one Club!
Post collection management report allows for identification for missed payments easily and directly by member Regular interaction and engagement from the Club administrator ensures an efficient and effective service and therefore valued membership!