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June 12, 2023

Online fundraising for football clubs

We understand how grassroots football clubs need to boost income beyond monthly membership fees.  TeamFeePay has all the tools a club needs to successfully raise money for important projects, without the stress of chasing people for cash donations. 

Online fundraising has become increasingly popular in recent times and has been further accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Football clubs now need to be ready to accept cashless payments and donations, fundraising using digital channels. 

We’ve put together this guide to boosting fundraising through our football themed digital fundraisers. We’ll show you how you can quickly put the FUN back into fundraising!

Direct traffic to a TeamFeePay fundraiser or website through engaging content
A vital way to move people to play your fundraising games or submit an online donation is through engaging messaging and content. Share information about where the funds raised are likely to go – basically making it clear what the financial target is for fundraiser. In turn describing the rewards that are on offer to the club if enough people support your cause can make it clear why people should all pull together and spread the word about the fundraising activities!

Enhancing engagement with your fundraising audience becomes even more effective when you incorporate elements like quotes, captivating images, or engaging videos featuring recent winners of your digital fundraisers or beneficiaries of your fundraising campaigns. This approach makes winning and supporting truly visible, making it more relatable for potential supporters.

TeamFeePay offers other types of fundraising content, such as an online donation form, easy to use and with no limit on how much a supporter of the club will contribute.

Most of the staff at TeamFeePay are actively involved in coaching or administration at a grassroots clubs, so we truly understand what clubs need. TeamFeePay can advise and support you on regular and consistent posting across club social media channels or email newsletters – a proven method for increasing engagement and building a loyal following. The key lies in delivering meaningful content that resonates emotionally with your club members and wider audience.

Ensuring Transparency: Clearly Communicate the Impact of Donations
To engage users visiting your website or fundraising page, it’s crucial to provide transparency regarding how the funds will be used. By identifying specific items or projects that different amounts of money will support, such as £100 for X or £1000 enabling the club to provide Y, potential supporters can better understand the real difference their contribution will make.

A real example of the success of fundraising with TeamFeePay is Greenock Morton Community Trust, who did a sponsored walk and using the online TeamFeePay sponsor form raised a staggering £10,000 in a couple of months! On average smaller grassroots clubs can reach totals of approximately £2,000 in a 4-6 week time frame.

Greenock Morton football club fundraising

As part of our fundraising service, TeamFeePay asists your club with digital ‘flyers’ (images) helping you to share updates on the amount of funds raised. These follow-ups after the fundraising activities are launched are a compelling way to secure future support.

Setting Meaningful Fundraising Goals
Having clear goals for your fundraising efforts can boost participation and support. Share milestones and celebrate when you reach targets that will fund specific items or projects. If you’re conducting multiple draws or campaigns, consider directing funds towards a single project or varying the beneficiary each month. This flexibility can be easily managed on our platform—simply let us know your preferences.

Effective use of a ‘Call-to-Action.’
While a TeamFeePay digital fundraiser provides clear directions for users to complete a purchase and support your cause, it’s equally important to incorporate a strong call to action (CTA) on your communication channels, such as social media, email newsletters and messaging apps. Ensure that your link created by TeamFeePay is displayed with text urging visitors to take action. On social media, consider displaying the CTA using a prominent link in the post text. Utilise emojis to help these elements stand out. In direct messages, such as WhatsApp, clearly communicate where the link will lead users and specify the desired action.

football club fundraising games

Celebrating Success Stories
Football club fundraising is about making a positive impact. Highlight the successes of your fundraiser and enable supporters to share the fundraising link with their friends. 

Encourage supporters to take pride in their contributions and showcase their support. Creating content such as videos or written interviews on your social media channels and club website to showcase winners and demonstrate the impact of raised funds is a powerful way to inspire participation in future fundraisers!

We hope you find these ideas helpful as you embark on launching a TeamFeePay digital fundraiser. Our team will be available every step of the way to support you. 

To learn more, click here or email our fundraising support team