How are we different?

The Directors of TeamFeePay have developed this technology after spending a combined 150 years working in the sports development and sports volunteering world. We know how sports Clubs and voluntary groups operate, and we understand the time constraints and resource implications that face these organisations on a daily basis. Nowadays many of the directors continue to spend time coaching at local Clubs, and for those of us who don’t, we spend our time running our kids to all their various activities and Club sessions!! We know what Clubs need, what they want and more importantly how to help them achieve it.

  • We see management of Clubs and societies as a question of Efficiency and Effectiveness.

    Effectiveness essentially means doing things right – Efficiency, however, is doing the right things!

  • We aim through this system to make Clubs more efficient, more streamlined and more professional, all demands of a changing society.
  • TeamFeePay has taken years in its research and development phases. This has allowed us to ensure we have a flexible, client centred approach that meets the range of needs of all sports Clubs initially, but increasingly, all activities where there is a need for recurring payment.
  • We are Club people who sought a technology solution – We understand. We didn’t start off as technology experts trying to understand Clubs.
  • We do not just offer you the platform to manage and collect payments like most of our competitors. We help you build and manage a platform that is representative of your Club. We support this Club platform at all times. We have dedicated account managers who will work with Club administrators to understand their needs, to support the data migration, any changes and issue new payment plans. We will support them in ensuring user commitment and in maximising the income needed to run successful Clubs.
  • We are not banks and do not seek to make gains through potential failed payments. We will not charge you for any missed payment unlike a direct debit or standing order. If there are no funds available when we call, simply we move on and reconcile later.
  • We offer a transparent user experience for Club administrators and members alike. Everyone can see what payments they have committed to and when these will be taken / have been already.
  • We see ourselves as integral members of your Club / society!
  • Why not come speak to us or have one of our Directors come and speak to your Club and you will see how passionate we are about this product and service.